Monday, August 13, 2007

Engraved Mirror

I did this project by engraving on mirror with a flexible shaft tool with diamond bits. The commission was for 2 mirrors and this was the smaller of the two. (Total Commission was $8,7oo). The Victorian rose and fern motif was used on both. The sconce was installed over a drilled hole in the mirror. This work is very slow going and the sound of grinding on large piece of glass needs to be considered before taking on this type of work. No one wanted to be around while this was going on and all sorts of protection had to be worn. To design for carving , I work with scratch board or pastels on dark paper. I also looked at great work online being done by Moser in CZ. I would love to go there and work and live, but not enough to do it really. Besides I have too many fun things to work on here.