Saturday, January 19, 2013

For this round in the Goodyear's Corner, we have , JOAN Goodyear, wearing Blue Yoga Toga, designed by Mums Mu mu..

Has it really been so long ? I have been watching "Riding Giants" since my last post. I would love to tell you my new phone number and what we are up to. Thanks for asking. We are having fun arranging our stuff and playing with things we have been saving all these years to do something special. Our family is growing,We are assuming alias's that have a certain grandiosity to them. Please contact us by phone for an appointment,and we will return call's after our (I mean Their)nap. George's number is 404-428-4075. The studio number is the same as Joan's phone 404-514-4010. We are in Norcross Ga.,Is it more like Home? I will just say it is perfect for us now. Call us if you need something. No rush jobs unless you cry like a baby. The rumors of our : quitting,quilting,quietly going into that good night, having a painting by him (from Wales)not mentioned here,Dylan; Crying Uncle, giving away 27 windows in one week, these are crazy rumors. I am still waiting on my granddaughter to have enough hair to have a color to put on the application. I made some butterflies OK? I'll show them later