Monday, August 13, 2007

Wine cabinet engraved glass grape vine

This is part one of a 3 piece set for a wine refrigerator/ wine cabinet. It was engraved with a diamond burred bit using a flexible shaft rotary tool. I am working with Franya Waide, Interior Designer, on a private residence. After the design was accepted, I presented several concept drawings and the measurements were made on site and the full size cartoon drawn. We then transferred the drawing to the 3/8'' glass which was covered with a 3M sandblast mask. We cut it out with an knife and sandblasted it to break the surface of the glass in the design. This is a real time saver. We use a fine grit aluminum oxide in our sandblast room. Then we remove the mask and I begin the finishing. I worked on this panel for at least ten hours with the engraving tool. It will be installed over the existing glass of the refrigerated wine cabinet. This is so it isn't going to have a negative effect on the cabinet temperature control. This piece is 22'' by 30''. This photo was taken in front of a black cloth before the set is complete. The top panel of the Grape vine is 22'' by 33'' on 3/8'' clear glass. It is engraved using the same methods.
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