Monday, July 30, 2007

Stained Glass from Fused Glass

This is a window that I designed and built for a beautiful home in Tennessee. It is eight feet by three feet and installed with a protective insulated unit. This piece took many hours to complete using glass frit and and colored glass pieces cut to pattern, then fired and layered with more frit and fired again. It is a wonderful process allowing more freedom of detail than with the traditional stained glass methods I have been using for the past 30+ years. This type of work is for available for any budget. This piece could be done again, in a different size with most any flower, or flowers for between $200-500 per square foot. Each flower is individually built. It is not a stencil type design as you commonly see in production marketed work.

This is one of my stained glass panels done in the traditional painted, stained and fired style. This is the most ancient type of work. This panel is two feet by four feet. I painted this a few years ago. This one is $1,200.00.

Thank you for looking.
I'll be putting up some pictures of a carved piece I am working on later.